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Rachel Bandara

#1 Best Selling Author | Speaker | Podcaster

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Get in touch with me to explore what’s possible for you, for your organisation or business.

Gain clarity on what rapid transformation looks like for you and discover how I can help you achieve your goals.

Leadership Mythology

Crafting your leadership mythology is a transformative journey.

By integrating these seven foundational aspects, you'll create a captivating leadership narrative that empowers your team, fuels growth, and leads your organization toward a legacy of excellence.

As modern leaders, we wield the power of mythology to inspire, guide, and shape a future marked by enduring success and collective achievement.

Registrations Open for Spring/Autumn Cohort of

Return to Radiance

Meet Your Transformation Coach


#1 Best Selling Author | Certified Master Coach | Podcaster | Agency Owner

I work with leaders High Achieving Leaders, Organisations, and Businesses to hit RESET and step into Rapid Transformational Change in a rapidly changing world.

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