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Rachel Bandara

#1 Best Selling Author | Speaker | Podcaster


who are experiencing burnout & resentment and CRAVE a Full life reset and reinvention. (My clients include CEO’s, Corporate Baddies, Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Overachievers)


Registrations Open for

Return to Radiance

Meet Your Transformation Coach


#1 Best Selling Author | Certified Master Coach | Podcaster | Agency Owner

I help high achieving women, who are burnt out and had enough of living a life of crushing obligations to hit reset and completely reinvent themselves, through my 8 week Rapid Reinvention life transformation method for creating a life of exquisite radiance, peace & freedom.


Registrations Open for


Who is this for?

My clients are a high achievers who are ready to reinvent and transform their lives.


You may already have a successful career or a business, or you have been working hard all your life and now arrived at a critical point in your life.


You may be experiencing burnout or on the verge of it and experiencing any of of the high achiever symptoms which you've been told as normal, all your life.


You may have previously tried mindfulness practises, courses or programmes with varying level of success.


You are at a stage where there are no more excuses, and you are 100% committed to transforming your life and hitting reset across multiple areas of your life. 

Committed to invest 8 weeks of their lives to completely reinvent themselves through powerful life transformation methods.

Program Overview

1:1 Coaching

& Mentoring

Dedicated 1:1 sessions throughout the journey to ensure you are set up for success, progressing through your Roadmap to Radiance and making transformational changes within the dedicated time period of this program. 

Group Coaching & Accountability

Group Coaching provides a safe space for like-minded high achievers who are on a similar journey to you. Success breeds success and the smaller groups ensure that you stay connected and accountable. It's near impossible to give up when you are surrounded by others who are highly motivated to get transformational results in life.

Workbooks, Videos, Audios, & Transformation Tools

Beautifully designed workbooks that are companion guides for your transformation journey, along with weekly topic video. Audie files for easy listening on the go and tools that support your transformation journey such as meditations, embodiment practices, and easy to use platform.

Return to Radiance Full Package Includes:

  • 1 x Masterclass video per week (8 total) + Multiple Bonus Videos

  • 1 x Group Coaching Call per week in the Facebook group (8 or more as required) 

  • 1 x Workbook per week (8 total)

  • 1 x Meditation per week (8 total)

  • Multiple x Declaration/Embodiment Activities per week (8 +)

  • Audio Files to easily listen to content on the go

  • Access to Facebook Group with other High Achieving Women

  • Access to dedicated Asana 1:1 coaching space and group space

  • Welcome & Personal 1:1 Coaching Session with me at the start to understand your why, biggest pain points, expectations, set goals and accountability actions  (Week 1, Week 3, Week 7 sessions)

  • Monday to Friday - ‘Office Hours’ for support

Program Modules


Pink Nature

Why is the program 8 weeks?

I work with women who are already high achievers and are committed across multiple things.


8-week period is an ideal time frame that feels achievable for most women from a rapid transformation perspective instead of a 4 weeks which is not long enough or 12 weeks which feels like a long commitment period. We want you to start strong & finish strong in a realistic timeframe to get your restults.

What are my next steps?

I only work with those who are fully committed to their transformation. This requires an application process, and a 45min pre-enrolment call to get to know you more to ensure you’re a right fit for this level of transformation.

If you are selected for the program, you can purchase the program, and receive your welcome pack within 24 hours and get access to pre-Week 1 preparation activities that help set you up for success.


When is the next intake?


The next intake is in Spring/Autumn 2023 (September). 

Early Bird Enrolment begins from 12th of July and closes on 30th July. You will be given the details of Early Bird Enrolment rates during the pre-enrolment call.

Standard Enrolment begins from 1st of August to 28th of August. You will be given the details of Standard Enrolment rates during the pre-enrolment call.

All Enrolment activities close by 29th of August. Program starts on 4th of September.


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